CUA30920 Certificate III in Music (Sound Production) aims to provides students with the opportunity to apply a broad range of knowledge and skills for sustainable careers in the music industry.

)Duration: 2 years

Units of study:

  • Implement copyright arrangements
  • Perform basic sound editing
  • Create simple pieces using music technology
  • Work effectively in the music industry
  • Develop basic audio skills and knowledge
  • Plan a career in the creative arts industry
  • Mix in studio environments
  • Install and disassemble audio equipment
  • Manage audio input sources
  • Record and mix basic music demos
  • Operate sound reinforcement systems

Keen to explore the music industry as a profession? Don’t have a lot of experience playing an instrument or singing? Interested in converting your passion for music into a reliable income? This could be the qualification for you!

Gaining your Certificate III in Music allows you to become immediately employable within the Australian music industry. You might choose to be an audio producer or engineer, or you may choose to be self-managed solo artist releasing your own material. You might also choose to work for touring companies as a live audio engineer or a stagehand. The options that come from this qualification are enormous! The Certificate III in Music includes scored assessment for VCE as well as pathways to Diploma and Degree levels of study in other music courses. There’s heaps to learn and do within this qualification, and you will be positively challenged. When you’re a musician, your options are as open as your mind!


VCE & ATAR Contribution:

Scored assessment is available for VCE VET Music Industry.  Students wishing to receive an ATAR contribution for a certificate III Music (Sound Production) specialisation must undertake scored assessment for the purpose of achieving a study score.

This study score can contribute directly to the ATAR, either as one of the student’s best four studies (the primary four) or as a fifth or sixth study.


Structured Workplace Learning:

Structured Work placement is strongly recommended.

This course is provided in partnership with our RTO COSAMP (41549)