CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry aims to provides students with the opportunity to apply a broad range of knowledge and skills in varied work contexts in the music industry.

Duration: 2 years

Units of study:

  • Contribute to health and safety of self and others
  • Implement copyright arrangements
  • Work effectively in the music industry
  • Apply knowledge of style and genre to music
  • Industry practice
  • Develop technical skills in performance
  • Prepare for performances
  • Develop improvisation skills
  • Develop and maintain stagecraft skills
  • Perform music as part of a group


  • Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music
  • Make a music demo

VCE & ATAR Contribution:

Scored assessment is available for VCE VET Music Industry.  Students wishing to receive an ATAR contribution for a certificate III Music Performance or Sound Production specialisation must undertake scored assessment for the purpose of achieving a study score.

This study score can contribute directly to the ATAR, either as one of the student’s best four studies (the primary four) or as a fifth or sixth study.


Structured Workplace Learning:

Structured Work placement is strongly recommended.